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What is an iTrustYou identity?Get the app

What is an iTrustYou identity?

  1. Scan and verify your ID to create a secure iTrustYou identity which confirms that you're real.
  2. When you need to prove your trustworthiness, send a TrustToken instead of your ID.
  3. Your recipient rates their interaction with you, you respond if you want to.

For communities

Give your members peace of mind with a secure identity QR on their profile

Enable community members to verify each other with an identity QR displayed on their profile.

  • Reduce scamming fraud
  • Increase transactions between members
  • Improve social interaction with increased levels of trust
Secure your community

For individuals

Don't be a victim of identity theft

Safeguard your interactions with strangers by never revealing a copy of your ID.

  • Keep your original ID in a safe location
  • TrustToken expiry protects you from impersonation
  • Build a reputation through ratings and responses
Get a verified identity

Useful in these scenarios

Online classifieds

Don't let a seller pull the wool over your eyes. Get a TrustToken before handing over your cash.

Assessing a roommate

Need to be sure your potential digs mate is who they say they are? Ask for a TrustToken.

Renting a place

Be first in line for that perfect pad by sending the landlord a TrustToken.

Online dating

Be safe, get your date to prove their identity with a TrustToken before meeting.

Applying for a job

Be sure your prospective employer knows you're legit. Send a TrustToken.

Applying for credit

Prove you are who you say you are. Send a TrustToken.

iTrustYou is safe 

We take data privacy seriously

Keep your official ID stored in a safe location.

Your profile is encrypted and your ID number is not revealed to anyone, ever.

TrustTokens sent to strangers expire and cannot be used to fraudulently represent you.

Get iTrustYou 

Create a verified identity today. Available on iOS, Android coming soon.